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Braun EB4173 Oral-B DualAction Brushhead 3-Pack

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Product Summary

Mfg Part#: 000-69055-84752-7
Rakuten.com Sku: 210459902
UPC: 069055833025
UPC 14: 00069055833025
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Product Description

Oral-B dual action power toothbrush refill brushheads provides cleans and polishes your teeth.


Tech Features Circular motion oscillating head
Tech Features Keeps teeth naturally white
Tech Features polishes your teeth
Tech Features rechargeable toothbrushes
Product Attributes
Product attributeGender:   Women
Product attributeAge Segment:   Adult
Product attributeElectric Power Supply:   Cordless

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    Love it 3/11/2013
    Carol from Shasta Lake, CA  

    I've been using this product for years. The brushes last a long time and do a great job!

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    Braun 12/15/2012
    Scott from Walnut , CA  

    thanks. works good.

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    good 11/26/2012


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